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Wrote this one shot for jazzy_fay who was hankering for some Sesshomaru/Kagome smut.

A/N: I decided to continue with this story. It was planned to be just a one-shot, but apparently there was more smut to be had. There will be three chapters, although I don’t know when I’ll get around to finishing Blush III.


Gripping his legs tightly with her own, Kagome arched her back when he moved to kiss her throat. The air around them was still, humid and thick as if summer had moved like an endless beast to claim the night. Her hair was stuck to the back of her neck, matted with sweat, but she welcomed the slickness between their naked bodies.

No matter how many times or how many ways they joined together, it was always like this.

He whispered something, telling her to relax and give herself to him. She answered with a wordless moan, rocking her hips just so that she could feel the friction of his body against hers. Kagome longed to have him inside, but Sesshomaru wasn't inclined to hurry. No matter how sweet the conquest, he drew the seconds out like long chains around her body, making her wait for him.

“Please,” she whispered, clawing her hands in his hair.

Sesshomaru chuckled, a soft, dry sound against the drenched skin of her breasts. Delicately, he ran his tongue in slow circles around first one breast, then the other, teasing her with kisses and sinuous flicks. Pressing the tip of his fangs to the stiffened flesh, he was delighted to hear Kagome cry out, the muscles of her thighs clenching.

“Going to come so soon?” he asked, smiling down at her flushed face. Her cheeks were stained with rose, her lips a humid blush of darker red. They were swollen as he'd claimed those lips with not so gentle bites and bruising attacks. Kagome was always so responsive, so eager to meet his desires. It was her human body that fascinated him so, the way it yearned against him, demanding and yet helpless against her own demands.

Sliding lower, he let his weight rest on her smaller form so he could slip his hand between them. She gasped softly as his fingers touched her, so ready for him it made his head swim. For the moment, he wanted to see her in ecstasy, he wanted to hold it over her that he was the one who could make her scream and beg and finally come so hard that her whole body would shake with response.

Sesshomaru spread his thighs between Kagome's, opening the girl's legs as wide as they might go. Then he surprised her, sitting up even as his fingers continued to press against her swollen entrance. He stroked her, watching as her eyelids fluttered rapidly. Then, without warning, he plunged two fingers into the tight crevice between her legs.

Kagome moaned loudly, her hips leaving the bed as her legs clamped over his, raising herself to meet his initial thrust. Fingers buried deep, he started to work her slowly, watching her with little expression as the girl twisted and ground her body against his hand. It wasn't enough for her and he almost smiled when her fingers joined his, using both of her hands to masturbate for him.

“Spread yourself,” he whispered. “Let me see you, girl.”

She complied immediately, using her fingers to part the slick folds, her full lips caught between her teeth as she used a fingertip to rub the swollen nub. His cock was getting increasingly hard just from watching and Sesshomaru stilled his hand, working a third finger into the tight passage he intended to plunder. Kagome whimpered, digging her heels into the back of his hips as she raised her pelvis again.

Panting, he managed to keep control of himself, wanting to watch Kagome's pleasure before taking his own. With a slight smirk, he kept his hand perfectly still until she opened her eyes, gazing up at him with a lust-glazed curiosity.

“Make yourself come,” he ordered, the tip of his tongue flicking over his dry lips.

She twisted, whimpering a bit. “No,” the girl murmured, her eyes tightly closed. “It's…it's embarrassing. Please, Sesshomaru, can't you just…”

He flexed his fingers, making her gasp as she remembered the sharp claws that he could choose to use or not. Sesshomaru leaned close, brushing her lips gently with his own. His voice was kindly in spite of the implicit warning.

“Do not disobey me, Kagome.”

She was far too aroused to defy him for long, he thought. After a moment, Kagome returned to pleasuring herself, lifting her hips and letting her legs spread wider so that he could see without obstruction. Sesshomaru kept his hand still and the three fingers wedged tightly inside her became slick. He mused that it was nothing less than voyeurism that made him want to watch her, but he found her resistance to being watched stimulating as well.

Kagome thrashed against him, moaning with guttural abandon as she worked herself. Her body was glowing with sweat and hot passion, her face a shameless mask of pleasure now. She continued to thrust against his fingers, trying to take them more deeply inside her as her orgasm built. This was the moment when he felt his conquest of her was most complete, and for Sesshomaru, that made Kagome ultimately desirable in every way.

He was going to fuck her hard tonight…

Then she convulsed around his fingers, her muscles clenching and releasing as moisture flowed from her body in a hot, sweet river of completion. His cock was throbbing almost painfully as he continued to hold himself back, letting her body milk ever last twitch of pleasure from the climax. Then he slowly removed his fingers, bringing them to his lips. Her eyes fluttered open as he carefully licked his claws, his face almost expressionless.

Savoring her, he saw the familiar blush cross Kagome's face. Her arms twitched as if she longed to hide herself from his too intimate gaze. A strange desire suddenly flooded him and he pressed his slick fingers against the girl's mouth.

“Taste yourself,” he whispered. “See how delicious you are? Only I can make you taste this sweet…”

Kagome trembled, her face turning red as embarrassment replaced carnal desire. She clamped her lips shut, shaking her head as she tried to twist away. Oh, she knew he wasn't finished with her, but somehow it embarrassed her to taste her climax from Sesshomaru's fingers.

“This is not open for discussion,” he warned, pressing insistently between her lips. The tips of his claws tapped against her teeth and he gave her a look that said he'd had enough of her nonsense. They both knew she'd do as she was told when she was with him. But it didn't mean he wasn't going to enjoy making her submit to him utterly.

“Perhaps you'd like to cancel our arrangement,” he said, sounding almost bored as he continued to gently work his fingers between her lips. Kagome's eyes widened and she looked up at him pleadingly, knowing exactly what he was referring to. Smiling with a condescension that masked his need for her body, Sesshomaru affected a disappointed air, withdrawing his fingers so that they only rested on her closed lips.

“I'm sure Inuyasha would find this very interesting. It might be amusing to see the look on his face when he finds out how eagerly you've traded your body. I'd like to see that look…his anger, the hurt.” Sesshomaru leaned over her, his hair falling in a silver curtain around Kagome's face. “Most of all, I'd like to see his disgust when I tell him how you've spread your legs for me, wailing like a whore when I make you come again and again…”

“No!” The words burst out desperately and Kagome seized his wrist. “You promised,” she whispered, shadows in her eyes. “You promised me you'd never tell him.”

“And I never will,” Sesshomaru answered calmly. “As long as you remain obedient. The choice, as always, is yours.”

She took him in her mouth then, sucking greedily at his fingers. That was the answer he'd expected, this capitulation was what he wanted most to see. Her tongue felt exquisite, soft and slightly rough against the sensitive pads of his fingers. Sesshomaru groaned, closing his eyes as Kagome sucked his fingers. He was tempted to stop this silly game right now and put something else between those sweet lips, but he knew that he was already at his limit.

Growling, he yanked his hand away and Kagome looked at him in dumb shock when he grasped her thigh and shoved it up to spread her. Not caring if he hurt her now, he shoved his erection deep inside her quivering folds. Hot and ever so tight, he was a bit too large for her accept all at once and she cried out as he started to thrust.

It was an ugly turn that their sex always seemed to take. No matter how deliciously he pleasured her before the actual act of coitus, it was somewhat painful due to her smaller body. Still, she'd become accustomed to him and no longer sobbed in misery like when he'd taken her the first time.

“Relax,” he said, clenching his teeth as the pressure inside him threatened to tear him apart. “Give yourself to me and the pain will recede, how many times do I have to tell you this?”

The tension drained from her body and he was able to slow down a bit, making his strokes longer, not so jarring and rough. Better now, he didn't like to feel as if he were raping Kagome, not when her submission was so many times more satisfying. If it were only a matter of force, he would have lost interest a long time ago.

And after all, it was she who'd initially seduced him.


To say that he'd been startled to meet her again after so many years would have been an understatement. He'd lived long centuries without thinking of her once, preferring not to dwell on the past or his long dead hanyou brother. Then purely by chance he'd seen her on the streets of Tokyo, looking just the same right down to the ridiculous schoolgirl uniform.

They'd exchanged polite, if somewhat uncomfortable words then…her expressing surprise to see him again. Curiosity got the better of him then and he invited her to have a cup of tea so that he could hear the whole story. Several hours later when Kagome's copious amounts of speech had begun to make his head ache; he'd excused himself after offering her his business card.

Modern manners dictated that, there was no other reason.

Seriously, was he supposed to believe that tale about a well?

A few weeks later when the girl had called him sobbing and begging for his help, he'd regretted giving her card. The rain was pouring down with torrential sheets and grumbling with irritation, Sesshomaru had gone to the lobby of his exclusive apartment building to see about this strange human girl from his past.

“Please,” she said, shivering. “I need your help.”

Soaked to the skin and looking somewhat like a half-drowned cat, he'd glared at her. “I have no interest in your problems,” he said icily, glancing around in hopes that none of his neighbors might see him with such a wretched girl. “Go home and do not call here again.”

He turned on his heel, leaving her standing there in misery. He was only a step from the elevator when Kagome's voice reached him in a pathetic screech.

“I need Tenseiga!”

Whirling around, he crossed the lobby as if he wanted to strike her. A few people walking in the door glanced curiously at him and then averted their eyes when they saw who he was. Angry at the embarrassment, he seized Kagome's arm and propelled her out in the gushing rain.

Water soaked his long hair, an affectation he'd never been able to break, but over the years he'd managed to disguise his youkai nature with a bit of glamour and illusion. However, now his eyes were glowing like golden coals, the heat of their fury nearly making steam rise in the pouring rain.

“How dare you?” he hissed, almost beside himself that she would have mentioned the blade, let alone demanded its assistance. He shook the girl hard, her pale and miserable face wincing when his fingers ground into her soft flesh. “How dare you demand Tenseiga?”

Defiant, she glared up at him, tears mixing with the rain on her cheeks. “My little brother,” she managed to say, her shoulders shaking. “An accident…he fell this afternoon and hit his head. The…the doctors say he's in a coma, he's most likely going to die!”

“I'm sorry for your loss,” he said bitterly. It had been years since he'd touched Tenseiga, keeping the blade wrapped like a stillborn child and hidden in a locked chest. For all the bitterness for the past, he would not forgive Tenseiga or his father. Certainly he'd managed to master the blade, unleash the Meidou in a perfect circle…but it was meaningless to him now.

He did not thank Kagome for reminding him of this.

In fact, he thought it had been years since he'd hated anyone the way he now hated this girl. Drawing himself up, he glowered down at her with all the majesty of a fallen prince.

“You want me to spare your brother's life? What have you got to trade for it?”

Surprised, Kagome took a stumbling step backwards. “I don't know what you mean,” she whispered, fearful.

He liked the fear, the distrust that shone in her eyes. Sesshomaru recalled that he'd attacked her in the past on certain occasions, spared her on others. Only because she'd been too insignificant, he told himself that anyway. So now he advanced on her, the rain pounding in his ears, and put every bit of contempt he'd ever felt for her or her whole miserable human race into his words.

“You have nothing?” he asked coldly. “Then my answer is still no. Go to your brother, be with him while you can.”

He left Kagome standing in the rain, desolate and without hope. Sesshomaru went inside, refusing to turn to see how long she'd stand there. What she couldn't know what that he'd sworn to never touch Tenseiga's power again. And for over five centuries…he'd kept that promise to himself.

Hours later when he found himself calling hospitals in search of the injured boy, he knew he was making a mistake. He told himself so as he dressed late that night, cursing softly at the eternal annoyance of doing everything with only one hand. The thought made Sesshomaru even angrier, remembering that Kagome had been there when he'd lost that arm.

So why was he going to help her now? He honestly didn't know. Maybe it was because seeing her face again had reminded him of when he'd been younger, so much more arrogant, but so much more a youkai. These long years of civilized existence among the very humans he had despised had bled the desire for conquest from him until his former self would have considered the present Sesshomaru to be a weak and bloodless fool.

And…he scowled at the dark windshield as he pulled into the hospital's parking lot, not liking where his thoughts were taking him. The girl…she was what, about sixteen years old? About the same age as Rin had been. Maybe that was it, the desperate fear and hopelessness in a young girl's eyes had reminded him of the way Rin had looked…as she died in his arms.

Tenseiga can only draw back a mortal's soul but once…there is no escaping the natural order of things.

Like he needed to be reminded.

Glowering impartially at anyone who met his eyes, he walked without hesitation through the quiet corridors. He hadn't needed to ask where the boy was, once he'd found the right hospital it was only a matter of searching out Kagome's scent. Among the disinfectants and myriad stenches of human sickness, he found her easily enough.

And he'd asked where the intensive care ward was located, figuring if the boy were truly at death's door, that was where he'd find him.

There he found the family, huddled around the bedside of a young boy. A woman who looked much like her daughter, an old man who looked older with the lines of grief on his face…and her. Sliding the door open with his gloved hand, Sesshomaru stepped into the room with a sigh.

Kagome looked up and her eyes widened with hope. Her face lit up, her pale cheeks suddenly turning rosy and warm as if the life that needed to be restored belonged to her instead of her brother. The mother looked confused, but the old man stiffened and took a step back. Recognizing him as a priest, Sesshomaru smiled faintly and didn't bother to hide the fangs.

Being daiyoukai was still good for frightening superstitious peasants after all.

“You came,” Kagome cried out softly, standing up to face him with shining eyes. He refused to look at her, instead focusing his attention on the child. Not dead yet, but close enough that he could see the messengers beginning to gather. How he despised them, had always despised them! Reminders of mortality, that the quickening of life was also brittle and crumbled as easily as an ancient piece of silk.

When those messengers came for him one day, he intended to show them that not all creatures feared the grave and he would fight with every last shred of his embittered, solitary soul.

“Stand aside,” he ordered, sweeping aside his coat as he drew the blade for the first time in five centuries. It slid from the wooden sheath as smoothly as if he'd oiled it often, the blade still as bright and slim as the day it had been made. For a dull edge, it still glittered magnificently even under the stark florescent lights of a hospital room.

A moment later, Souta's eyes fluttered open and his mother sobbed with joy.

Sesshomaru felt no desire to linger in their company and sheathed the blade without a word.

Quick footsteps followed him to the elevator and he stiffened when she dared to grab his sleeve. “How can I ever thank you?” she asked, breathless and overcome with joy.

“Tonight,” he said, still not looking at her. “Come to my apartment at eleven and you can thank me then.”

“I…I can't do that, Sesshomaru. My family will…”

“I don't care what excuses you make,” he said, his voice chill and deadly. He stepped into the elevator and turned, seeing the girl's shock. “Just be there.”

When the doors closed, Sesshomaru leaned his head against the wall and closed his eyes. What the hell was he doing? Did he expect her to pay for her brother's life with her body? How much lower could he possibly fall? Again, Tenseiga's curse seemed to pursue him, and his own dark nature rejoiced.


Kagome was moaning, her body clenched around him like a vice. Her slender legs were wrapped around his waist, sock-clad ankles locked desperately as he thrust into her. He was already sweating, having deliberately turned the air conditioning off to turn his bedroom into a sultry oasis. Heat didn't bother him, neither did cold for that matter, but he loved the way she looked when she was glistening with sweat.

Sesshomaru's elbow was braced against the bed, his forearm slid under her shoulder as his fist clenched in the back of her hair. Not that she was fighting him, she'd already come twice tonight and he was guessing that she could handle quite a bit more. That was good. He had no intention of stopping.

Her fingernails clawed their way down his back, leaving welts on the pale smooth skin. Kagome had learned that he enjoyed that, in fact he made a point of telling her what pleased him and what did not. Even if she didn't have claws, he almost came himself when she scratched deeply enough.

But he was getting frustrated just the same, his cock was achingly hard still, the fiery snake at the base of his spine was insatiable. Somehow it was not enough, Kagome gave every bit of herself, but he wanted to hear her say his name, beg him for more, promise him anything he wanted. His desire for her sex had become like a sickness to him.

“Kagome,” he gasped, his teeth against her neck. “Say it now, say you want more.”

“More,” she moaned, trapped under him and drowning in his desire. Kagome thrashed her head from side to side, teeth clenched. Panting, he fucked her harder, reveling in her absolute surrender. Too much, too hot and wet for him to stand, his body thirsted deep inside her, plunging over and over until with a terrifying growl, he pulled away.

Kagome yelped when he sat up and pulled her with him, keeping his cock wedged deep inside. She groaned and wrapped her arms around his neck, his palm cupping her ass as he moved her against him. Her fists buried themselves in his hair, yanking hard on the silver tresses as her body convulsed again and she threw back her head with a ragged cry.

Sesshomaru groaned, enjoying the sensation of Kagome sliding up and down his cock. He moved her faster, slipping all the way inside until there wasn't a bit of him that wasn't coated in her slippery essence. He kissed her hard, pushing his tongue deep inside her mouth. Kagome kissed him back just as fiercely, biting his tongue until Sesshomaru groaned against her lips.

Abruptly, he pushed her off him, letting her fall hard to the bed. Flushed and confused, Kagome almost panicked at the feral look in his eyes. Fisting himself, he bared his teeth at her and she cringed away as if he'd do her harm.

“Turn over,” he ordered, his voice so harsh that she almost couldn't understand him. She was frozen, unable to move, and fascinated by the way the markings on his face were writhing and his eyes glimmered from gold to crimson.

Sometimes the sex was a little rough, the passion…violent. But he'd never hurt her before…

“I said, turn over,” Sesshomaru shouted, reaching down to flip Kagome on her belly. She trembled, she stank of fear and sex and Sesshomaru crawled on top of her then, his knees on either side of her thighs and after a moment of fumbling for her entrance, sheathed himself inside again.

His hips slammed into her buttocks and Kagome gasped and cried out, her voice rising as his lust overwhelmed her again. She was going to pass out this time, but she lifted her hips to meet each of his manic thrusts, and swore that it was unfair that youkai had this kind of stamina.

Sesshomaru knew he was reaching his peak and kept his hand clamped on her arm. His head fell forward to rest against her back as he gave it to her as hard as he could. Kagome was mewling under him, whimpering and moaning, sobbing almost but not in pain or fear.

“Sesshomaru!” she gasped out his name, twisting under him and desperate. Her body was going to ache, but the sweet torment only washed over her in waves.

“Yes,” he whispered, realizing she was ready to come for the last time that night. His hand slid under her, lifting her hips just enough to reach her clit and Kagome shrieked into the mattress when he thrust hard. Growling in her ear, he came violently and shuddered before dropping heavily on top of her.

Some moments later, he recovered enough to ask.

“Was I too hard on you?”

Sighing, Kagome pushed her hair back and looked at him. “No,” she said quietly, turning so she could touch his face. Her fingers traced the markings on his cheek and his eyes became soft as they shared this gentle moment. “I was almost afraid of you, but no, you didn't hurt me.”

He closed his eyes, pulling her close. “Good.”


Sesshomaru stepped out onto the balcony when he heard the shower start. It wasn't that he minded letting her use his bath, actually he insisted on it. If she were to return to Inuyasha with his scent on her body, there would certainly be a scene.

Feeling tired, but sated, he leaned against the railing and lit a cigarette. Smoking was a human affectation, another habit he'd picked up over the years. Not that cigarettes could hurt him, or nicotine do anything for his youkai physiology, but he'd grown accustomed to the taste.

Exhaling, he stared out over the night sky, wondering what he was becoming. After so many years, he had taken a human lover…something he'd sworn he'd never do again.

He'd sworn that he'd never use Tenseiga again either, but it seemed that he was incapable of keeping promises to himself.

And…it was better that she didn't know anything. Kagome thought he simply wanted to fuck her, use her body for his perverse desires, maybe a bit of vengeance against Inuyasha.

No, he had no intention of ever letting Inuyasha find out about this. Much less, he dreaded the thought of his past self, confronted with Inuyasha's accusations and the bloody fight that would certainly follow. He didn't give a damn about his brother, but in the past…where Kagome traveled…Rin was still alive, a child and…

Sesshomaru threw the cigarette over the balcony and turned away. The memory of his love for Rin was still a tight ache in his heart, the wound that he had never recovered from. Ashamed as he was about it, Kagome's company eased that ache and salved away the centuries of self-imposed loneliness.

Rin had died at the age of sixteen and Tenseiga had been unable to revive her. The fact that she'd died with his stillborn son in her womb, a baby perhaps malformed but ultimately precious, was something he'd never forgiven himself for. She'd died in his arms, her eyes filled with love and told him that she'd wait to see him again.

But youkai didn't go to the same afterworld, it was something he'd been taught from birth. He wondered if it was his punishment for rejecting his brother, for punishing Inuyasha for being born hanyou.

He heard the sound of the shower cease, the girl humming tunelessly from the other side of the door. Sighing, he reached for the phone to call a taxi for her. Maybe he was growing weak in his old age after all, to care that she got home safely. Maybe he really was just a selfish prick, and wanted to have Kagome for as long as he could.

For he knew there would come a day when Kagome would refuse him, when this torrid affair would have to end. After defeating Naraku, Inuyasha and Kagome married, had many healthy, beautiful children. Although his relationship with Inuyasha had never been an easy one, they'd come to terms eventually after Rin's death.

It had been Kagome who had comforted his grief back then, not with her body, but with her soft, forgiving words. Instead of dying by his own hand, drowning in despair, she'd pulled him back from the edge and invited him to continue living. He'd become an uncle as he'd never been a brother, and lived for many years in the warmth of a family that accepted him.

And never once had he mentioned his growing desire for his brother's wife.

“Do you believe in an afterlife?” he'd asked her one morning as they watched her children play.

“I believe that love is forever,” she'd answered, her warm hand on top of his.

“So do I,” Sesshomaru murmured, watching Kagome come out of the bathroom. A thick towel was wrapped around her head and she was wearing his bathrobe. Grinning, she rubbed her wet hair as she slowly approached him. He found himself smiling too, remembering how she'd saved him when he didn't want saving at all.

“What is it?” she asked when he stroked her cheek.

“Nothing.” He inhaled the scent of her hair and pulled her close, surprising her with a non-sexual gesture of affection.

“Sesshomaru…you're blushing.”

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